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The cost of tattoo removal depends on the size of the treatment area, type of tattoos and colours. We recommend coming in for a test patch and consultation so we can observe how the laser reacts to your skin. Our clients health and safety are our top priority. Doing a test patch will help us assess your skin type and the best treatment for you as an individual. This is why we offer FREE consultations and test patches when you book in and pay for your first session.

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Approximate price per session

Consultation / Test Patch $50 or FREE when you book in and pay for first session.

2cm x 2cm $80
8cm x 4cm $100
10cm x 6cm $150
12cm x 8cm $200
15cm x 10.5cm (A5) $250
21cm x 15cm (1/2 A4) $350
21cm x 22cm (3/4 A4) $450
21cm x 30cm (A4) $500

Our wavelengths treat black, grey wash, dark colours and reds.