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Treatment & Results

How many sessions will it take?

The number of sessions required varies based on a number of factors including amount of ink in the skin, type of ink, depth of ink, scaring, your skin type and whether your end goal is complete removal or lightening prior to a cover up tattoo.

Every individual is different and will get different results. Some tattoos might completely fade with only two session or they might take six.

Why do I have to wait six weeks?

It is important to wait a minimum of six weeks between sessions. It takes your body six weeks to heal after having laser treatments. The laser smashes up the ink particles and it takes six weeks for your lymphatic system to clear out the smashed bits of ink.

If you try to laser the area within the six weeks it will not fade the tattoo any quicker and only waste time and money. As the tattoo gets lighter you may have to wait longer periods of time for a treatment as there is less pigment in the skin to pick up. Tattoos can continue to fade for up to two years.

Does it hurt?

Getting a tattoo removed is not the most pleasant feeling but is bearable. People have compared it to getting tattooed or being flicked with a rubber band.

Luckily laser tattoo removal is quick taking anywhere from a second to minutes (usually not seceding fifteen minutes).

Nude Again offers state of the art Koolio machines to aid in the comfort of laser tattoo removal. The Koolio is designed to reduce pain and minimize the risk of thermal injury, blowing minus 35 degree extremely Cold air, producing temporary topical analgesic relief.

If you are still worried about pain we recommend buying and applying numbing cream to the area pre treatment.